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ECO-TOURS and WATER-TAXI    BOOK on Phone  04585 11438 or SMS

Email:  just click on  peter@lakes-explorer.com.au

 July - December 2015 UPDATE    

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SEA-SAFARI on "LAKES-EXPLORER MSV 11438" operates on  the Gippsland Lakes, based at the Port of Lakes Entrance, East Gippsland, Victoria.  (320km east of Melbourne).    LAKES-EXPLORER is a quick and weatherproof vessel that runs when wildlife, tides and weather is suitable Usually 2 or 3 times a week).  There are TWO options: 3 hour Rigby Island Sea-Safari or 1.15 Hour Oean Entrance Sea-Safari (details below).     Sea-Safari are the only State Government-Parks Victoria Licensed Tour Operator in Lakes Entrance.  

WATER TAXI available to Barrier Landing, Ocean Entrance-Flagstaff Jetty, Ocean Footbridge, Rigby Island, Fraser Island Retreat, Wyanga Winery Jetty or other local locations.   Available 7am - 10pm or later by request.  $5 per person plus Flagfall. Full details below

Brochures at Lakes Entrance Visitor Information Centre.

Lakes-Explorer  MSV 11438     Seating for up to 12.

DEPARTURE POINTS:  Post Office Jetty or a beach or jetty as required.

PLEASE BOOK AHEAD   Sea-Safaris run several times per week when the wildlife, tides and weather are suitable.                04585 11438 or SMS

Aerial photo of Lakes Entrance and Rigby Island.  

10.00am 3 hour RIGBY ISLAND  SeaSafari (Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday)                                           

Adult $30.  Student/Senior $25.  Under 15 $20  Also Special Group rates. Commencing at Post Office Jetty to navigate around Rigby Island via Rigby Beach, Barrier Landing and view of the ocean entrance.  Includes 1 or 2 short guided walks. Usually departs at 10.00am.  Subject to suitable weather.   Minimum age = 6 years old.   Along the way get involved in sea-birds, sea-horses, zoo-plankton and marine life identification or water test for salinity levels.  Take-home work-sheet available.    Minimum passengers = 3.     Booking essential: 04585 11438  

10am & afternoon.   1.15 hour HARBOUR & OCEAN ENTRANCE Sea-Safari.   

Adult. $15   Senior/Student. $10  Under 15 YO.  $5.   Also Special Group rates.       Depart Post Office Jetty to cruise past the commercial Port of Lakes Entrance and Bullock Island to view the ocean entrance and North Arm Lake.       Along the way, identify, monitor and record sea-birds. Take-home work-sheet available. Minimum passengers = 2. On-board phone 04585 11438 for details.   Purchase tickets on-board.     Maximum 10 passengers.  Suit young children.   Please check notice board at Post Office Jetty or phone 04585 11438 for details. 

Sea-Safari is the concept of Skipper Pete, based on land safaris, where a small group travel in a custom built vessel to search, investigate and record sea-birds and marine life in and around Lake Entrance.     On a Sea-Safari we hope to......

                Identify, count and record sea-birds and marine life.  

                          A take-home worksheet available.

                            Test the water for salinity (salt) levels. 

           Navigate waterways using GPS and Chart-plotter technology. 

                               Visit remote lake-side beaches.

SEA-SAFARIs have a maximum of 10 participants and run several times per week when wildlife, tides and weather is suitable.       Look for a white vessel, blue roof and marked Lakes-EXPLORER MSV 11438.  Please check details on the notice board on the Post Office Jetty.   Groups larger than 10, more options at www.lakesentrance.com       

Bookings for a Sea-Safari can be made one or more days in advance on 04585 11438 or SMS or peter@lakes-explorer.com.au . Tickets for a Sea-Safari can be purchased on-the-day from the skipper  (if space available - max. 10 passengers).  04585 11438 

3 hour Rigby Island Sea-Safari is not suitable for children under 6. 

No credit card facilities, folding money only!  BYO water, food and suitable footwear.  

Pre-paid VOUCHERS available:  Great as a present for someone who has everything!  

Fees and Itinerary subject to change. Current til December 2015

SEA-SAFARI  is an outdoor activity to remote places which do not have vehicle access.  Passengers should wear suitable clothing and footwear, bring personal sun protection, food and drinking water.  Lakes-Explorer does not have a toilet however some on-shore stops are close to public toilets.  Quality binoculars and identification guides are available for use on Lakes-Explorer MSV 11438.   

                        WATER TAXI  04585 11438   7am - 10pm 

LAKES-EXPLORER may be booked as a water taxi between various locations close to Lakes Entrance including Flagstaff Jetty, Barrier Landing, Rigby Island, Fraser Island, North Arm, Winery Jetty and Nyerimilang Beach (Subject to suitable weather). OPERATES between 7am - 10pm (or as required). Plenty of luggage space available.

Available for evening dinner transport.  Pick up at Flagstaff jetty or Barrier Landing for trip to Lakes Entrance.  

If urgent, please use SMS 04585 11438 as talking on the phone while the engine is running can be difficult....

WATER-TAXI FEES  (One-way)  Subject to suitable weather.                                 

No credit card facilities, folding money only!. Discount for larger groups or multiple trips.                SEE MAP ABOVE - Various destinations including: 

Barrier Landing = $5 p/p + $20 Flagfall    Each way. Water taxi available for trips from Barrier Landing to Lakes Entrance Township which may suit Charter Boat passengers who can not access Lakes Entrance Township.  Delivery service available (food, ice, etc)  

Example: 4 persons to or from Barrier Landing. 4 x $5 + $20 Flagfall = $40 ($10 each).

Flagstaff Jetty (Ocean Entrance) =  $5 p/p + $5 Flagfall.  Each way.

Ocean Footbridge - South end (Surf Club) = $5p/p + $5 Flagfall. Each way.

Rigby Island (Sand dune beach) = $5 p/p + $10 Flagfall. Each way.

Nyerimilang Beach (Walk 3km to Homestead) = $5 p/p + $15 Flagfall. Each way. 

Fraser Island Retreat:  Guests. $5 p/p + $20 Flagfall. Each way.

Wyanga Winery Jetty: (Winery 5155 1508). $5 p/p + $20 Flagfall.  Each way.

One Hour (Metung) = $5 p/p + $60 Flagfall.  Only if weather is suitable!

                                             VESSEL     MSV 11438  

7.5 metre modern aluminum ferry is surveyed by Marine Safety Victoria to carry 12 passengers.  Lakes-Explorer MSV 11438 has front access for pick-up/drop-off on beaches and river banks.  Quiet reliable 4 Stroke 115HP (2014) motor.  Padded seats. Weather-proof.  Full range of electronics including GPS-Chartplotter and salinity meter.  Quality binoculars available. 

SKIPPER:  Peter Johnstone.  Coxswain.   Thirty years experience in land, coastal and marine management including National Park Ranger.  Also qualified in Marine Interpretation, snorkeling, First Aid and cartography.   Member of  Wildlife Tourism Australia, MESA, VWSG, East Gippsland Marketing Inc, and Eco-tourism Australia.       Parks Victoria Licensed Tour Operator PV1859.  Accredited Eco-Guide. Cert. 3 Tourism Guiding - Marine Interpretation.

BOOKINGS and FURTHER INFORMATION:  04585 11438                                 

On-board phone 04585 11438                                                                          Brochures at Lakes Entrance Visitor Information Centre                                         Great place to eat: Funkey Monkey Cafe , 26 Myers St.                                          Great place to stay: Allambi Holiday Apartments  www.allambi.com.au                        Latest weather report:  http://www.weatherzone.com.au/vic/east-gippsland/lakes-entrance                                                                                                                National Park and Reserve information: www.parkweb.vic.gov.au

We look forward to seeing you on-board or hearing from you.  Also contact us at our  e-mail address:  peter@lakes-explorer.com.au   or twitter skipper_pete

Terms and conditions of Gippsland Lakes Sea-Safari:                                         The skipper will endeavor to conduct an informative voyage however can not guarantee times, locations or duration.  The skipper reserves the right to change, modify or cancel a Sea-Safari for unsuitable weather conditions, passenger safety, group interest or other activities or events outside the control of the skipper.  Passengers should phone 04585 11438 on the morning to confirm the Sea-Safari is running.

Fees and Itinerary subject to change:  Update:   2 July 2015